Employment Equity

Our Human Capital

Permanently employed personnel with qualifications, experience and expertise in Civil Engineering and General Building manage projects from the initiation stage to ensure risk reduction and elimination throughout the project lifecycle. Besides the skills and leading edge knowledge possessed in-house, the company has a comprehensive network consisting of reputable consulting firms and individuals with key engineering expertise. These professional networks and interfaces reduce the risk factors associated with the projects.

At JMBM only qualified persons who are loyal and competent and hardworking who have technical acumen get employed by us. These employees are hardworking individuals who contribute positively within the company and prove themselves as investments for the future.


At the centre of our approach to staff empowerment is our skills development initiative that seek to promote education, training and advancement opportunities for all employees with JMBM.

These skills include technical Skills, Management Skills and Administrative Skills.

Sustainable Development through Health and Safety Management

Jabu Manana Brick Manufacturing Pty Ltd, trading as JMBM Civils & Construction as a company is committed:

Our key beliefs are:

JMBM's safety plan identifies and examines safety related issues and concerns that must be addressed during any given project to JMBM. It outlines how the Project will organize and control activities to achieve its business goals and objectives safely, efficiently and with minimal loss to the project. The Safety Plan also prevents employees to hurt themselves and others, reduce losses in terms of lost time, damage, product/property losses and inefficiency; a more successful project through reduced risks and costs and also a greater job satisfaction arising from everyone being able to contribute positively to the success of the SMP and any given projects in the future.

Employee Wellness Programme

We recognise the reality of HIV and AIDS in the workplace and seek to provide education and management of this pandemic. We also encourage employees to learn more about HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses in and outside the workplace.

Total Quality Management Systems

An internal quality assurance programme is entrenched in the company Total Quality Management Systems.

Employment Equity

The Company complies with the government policies with regard to the promotion of equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment through the elimination of unfair discrimination; and implementation of Affirmative action measures to redress the disadvantages in the employment experienced by designated groups, to ensure their equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workplace.

Corporate and Social Responsibilities

JMBM holds a value system that acknowledges the company's interdependence with the environment in which it operates. The company, therefore, seek to contribute positively and sustainably to the communities from which we it derives its prosperity.

Our social responsibility initiative was building of classrooms and a school hall for Mpengesi Primary School in Daveyton.

JMBM also makes sure that all projects completed will be done in a manner where the environment will not be compromised; where recyclable materials will be recycled and making sure that all harmful and/or unrecyclable material is destroyed in a safe and responsible manner not harmful to people, plants or animals.

JMBM will also make sure that its employee complies with the environmental policy. They must also be knowledgeable about recycling and be responsible towards the environment.