Civil Engineering

Brick Manufacturing

General Building


Introduction and Background

Jabu Manana Brick Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, trading as JMBM Civils and Construction, was formed by Mr Jabulani Manana in 2005 as a Brick Manufacturing Company. The Brick Manufacturing Company started concurrently with Civil Engineering, General Building Construction being its core business. It is a 100% Black owned and managed company with expertise and experience in civil engineering and General building works. JMBM Civils has been in operation for over 9 years and to date; it has successfully maintained its original ownership and management status. It employs approximately 140 employees for its Brick Operation Plant; its main Sites and Head Office. The Company's BBBEE rating is 1.

JMBM Civils made huge strides in establishing itself as a major role player in manufacturing of concrete bricks and paving; civil engineering works such as water reticulation and sewer reticulation; and General Building works. The Company has two main offices of which business operates. The Head Office and the Brick Manufacturing Plant which are both situated in Benoni.

The company's automated brick manufacturing facilities have a production capacity of 78 000 maxi bricks per shift of nine hours and 120 000 stock bricks per shift.

Based on projects completed in the Civil Engineering and General Building sphere of operations, the company obtained a Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) rating of 7CE PE and a 7GB PE. The company is also accredited by the National Home Builders' Registration Council (NHBRC).